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We provide our clients with helpful-informative internet related Information and Tips, to help protect Your Information, Website, and to improve Your website’s visitor/customer/user experience.

For example: Safer Internet Browsing Tips, Website design and hosting improvement tips, and information on available and upcoming software updates for Your website.

Keep informed on website software updates, design trends, features and tools for next-level website visitor/customer/user experience.

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EXAMPLE Safer Internet Browsing Tip

PRIVATE BROWSING  Protects your private information,  Blocks (some) websites from tracking your search behavior.  Safari won't remember the pages you visit,  your search history,  and more importantly,  your AutoFill information (User Name, Password, Credit Card...).

Learn more at the links below

Apple Safari on iPhone, iPad (Private Browsing)

Apple Safari on Mac (Private Browsing)

Google Chrome (Incognito Mode)

Happy Safer Browsing!